Do the Impossible

Today is one of those days where I need God every hour. As I sit here trying to read through several research articles for my graduate assistantship, I find my thoughts wondering with every minute that passes–thoughts that sound more like groans from an overwhelmed soul who knows its own inadequacy.

My prayer this morning: 8am

“Jesus, I need you. Jesus, provide. Provide whatever I need. You know my tired heart. You know my thoughts, my weaknesses. Please give me whatever I need to get me through today.”

My prayer this morning: 8:30am

“Jesus, provide. I have to find a parking spot.”

“Turn down there. Yes, there. See? My Grace, child. My Grace.”

(SIDE NOTE: Some of my most favorite moments here in TX have taken place in Lot 100 across from the Agriculture and Life Sciences building. When I have been most desperate for a parking spot, I have pleaded with the Lord to do the impossible, and He has always pointed me down the perfect aisle to the perfect, almost unreal parking spot. Some of my most honest worship praises have been heard from that lot.)

My prayer this morning: 9am

“Jesus, provide. I can’t focus on my work.”

And again: 9:30am

“Jesus, provide. I’m so sleepy and today will be such a long day.”

And again: 9:45am

“JESUS. I don’t know if I can do this. My list of things I have to get done keeps growing, and there’s only so much time in the day.”

But with my Grace, Val. My grace is all you need to do these things–to thrive where I have placed you–to do what you believe is impossible to do. Take my Grace, child. Do the Impossible.”


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